TSI charges FSPA members a flat rate, not a percentage, and the average recovery cost is less than $10 per account. 

With a recovery rate of 56% it is worth the time to pick up the phone.

Call Jason Miller at 813-363-4565 or e-mail him at Jason.Miller@transworldsystems.com and reference the FSPA code (FSPA members logged into this site can view the code in the box on the right side of the page).

  • Accelerator (1st Party Reminders) - TSI communicates with your customers for you, in your name. Whether by phone or letter, it’s an affable reminder that their bill is overdue.
  • Profit Recovery (3rd Party Demands) - Requests for payment become a bit more urgent. They contact your customer frequently, each a bit more adamantly than the previous, across a 60-day timeline in our name.
  • Collections (Late Stage) - TSI’s third party collection services have a track record of success. You only pay if they collect.