Companies must meet certain criteria to apply for membership.  Read through all the items below.

The applicant’s business activities must include those products or services used in the swimming pool and spa industry.
The individual making the application shall have been in business for a period of at least one year. For those in their first year of business, a provisional membership application is available.
The applicant shall hold all necessary and relevant state and local licenses and permits.
The applicant agrees to abide by Association’s Code of Ethics.
Per 61G4-15.003, applicant has obtained and will maintain insurance. Please submit a copy of liability, property and workers’ compensation (or exemption) with application.
The applicant’s business is conducted in a manner which leads to the satisfactory resolution of all significant and meritorious consumer complaints made to FSPA or a Chapter thereof, a Better Business Bureau or governmental authority.

The applicant’s business is conducted in a financially responsible manner such that neither the business nor its principals shall have been adjudged guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction during the past three years of any felony or misdemeanor involving business or financial practices.

Neither the applicant nor its principals shall have misused the FSPA logo during the past two years unless the applicant shall pay proper dues for the year(s) of misuse or make other settlement with FSPA.

The applicant’s membership must be with the Chapter where the applicant’s principal office or place of business is geographically located, unless otherwise agreed to with another Chapter or state office membership is requested and with the approval of FSPA. The applicant shall have tendered the appropriate amount in payment for dues.